Monday, July 11, 2011

Glacier Impressions Gallery Summer Season - Glacier Park Art

The season is off to a great start! We just finished our first "art-walk" of the year.  Turn out was great, se saw lots of smiling faces! Now we're planning our next event, our first of the year art show on July 16, 2011.  Please join us for a afternoon and evening of great art, fine company and light snacks!

All of our art is created local artist inspired by a lifestyle of living the presence of the Backbone of the World, Glacier National Park.  We are group of dedicated year long established artist from the East Glacier Park area. We make Glacier Park our home and are proud to share with you some of the very Glacier Park are available anywhere.  Please come by and visit us.  We are located at 1000 highway 49 about one mile from the Glacier Park Lodge in between the Purple Spoon and the John L. Clarke Gallery in East Glacier, Montana.

We have the best photographs (Tony Bynum and Kerry Nickou), oil paintings (Roger Rink), watercolors (Gina Rink) and jewelry (Mara Hagar, Leonda Fast Buffalo Horse) and just received some great new glass work and quill work crafted by Leonda Fast Buffalo Horse.

Please come join us!  If you cant make it, please give us a call at: 406-450-8187!

Thank you.

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